Railroad Engineering

Long before the need for roadway transportation engineering, railway engineers developed many of the methods and standards that have been modified for vehicular transportation. Railroad engineering is similar to roadway engineering but with different variables to consider. Watkins & Associates, L.L.C. engineers provide design services for both construction and rehabilitation of railway systems. We have provided these services for a client base ranging from city or county governments, industrial development authorities to private industries. Most of this work consists of designing, permitting, and providing construction review for the installation of a rail spur to serve a particular industry or property.

Over the years, Watkins & Associates, L.L.C. has gained considerable experience with permitting these types of projects and working with all of the major railroad companies providing service within the state of Georgia. Our services are not only limited to the design of a railway; we also have experience in permitting the project and overseeing the construction as the railway or spurs are installed. We are also very familiar with railroad improvement projects that are financed through various funding sources, including local funds, OneGeorgia Edge & Equity funds, Employment Incentive Program (EIP) funds, and Economic Development Administration (EDA) funds.

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